About my blog

My name is Yehuda Cohen. I lead the engineering team at Sela US. I am obsessed with software and systems and building lean and effective engineering organizations. This blog is where I communicate ideas that I have about areas of professional interest. Some of these areas include:

  1. Cloud development

  2. Distributed Software and systems

  3. Real-time and offline data-centric systems

  4. Machine learning

  5. Operating effective engineering organizations

When I’m not working you might find me spending time with my beautiful wife and awesome children, playing chess, listening to music, or exercising (very reluctantly).

Problems in cloud paradise?

Our team at Sela US is effective and operates at the cutting edge of cloud development. We are laser-focused on building systems that are simple and easy to operate.

Building and deploying software in highly regulated industries is our bread and butter and we have helped many customers ensure their infrastructure and software are ready for security audits and penetration tests.

We also have deep partnerships with AWS, Google, and Microsoft. We work with these providers to help you fund cloud migrations or development projects. Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn to get in touch.

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Big nerd. Likes technology. Knows quite a lot about AWS.